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Beige notebook with wordsTax 2021 placed on top of graph documents with a calculator, glasses and pen close by.

Tax Changes for 2021 Could Impact Your Business: 5 Ways to Prepare

This past year, living through COVID-19 has been challenging for everyone. However, being a small business owner, you faced even more challenges fighting to keep your business running with all that COVID-19 entailed. For quite a while, figuring out how to service customers during lockdowns and trying to do your best for your employees while […]

Smiling small business owner sits on front step of her flower shop, kept afloat in pandemic through PPP2 loan, holding “OPEN” sign on knees.

PPP2 Loan Forgiveness: How to Get It

Millions of small business owners found the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) a welcome lifeline in the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic chaos. As of this writing, the program’s scheduled to end May 31, 2021. Businesses who borrowed money under its second round, or “Second Draw” (PPP2), last winter are asking how to get their loans forgiven. If […]

Bookkeeping is Vital to an Expanding Business

Opening your own business may seem straight forward, but there are many aspects in a small business that can be difficult. One such aspect that can prove to be challenging but is one of the most important pieces in any business, is flawless financial statements.  Having accurate and organized financial reports can help keep a […]

The Importance of Bookkeeping

Five reasons why bookkeeping is essential. 1. It is required to complete your taxes. In order to do your taxes accurately, you need to be aware of your net profit, which is determined from your total income and expenses. There is only one way to know this information, and it is to have error-free books […]

The Duties of a Bookkeeper

Have you reached the point where you are ready to hand off your books? From the smallest of businesses to the largest of corporations, there are two things that will always happen: you will make money, and you will spend money. The person who will help you monitor the flow of your money is a […]

Startup Bookkeeping: 5 Common Errors

Bookkeeping is vital when it comes to running a successful business as it allows you to recognize the financial status of your business at any given time. While you may realize that good bookkeeping is crucial, it is also well known that it can be tedious and requires a keen eye. This makes it particularly […]


When to Hire a Bookkeeper

Alright, you started your business and made the decision to take care of your bookkeeping needs yourself. This can be a great option, but if your business is getting larger and more complicated, you will eventually need to hire a bookkeeper. Even the most organized business owner can handle so much when it comes to […]


Hiring a Bookkeeper: How to Pick the Best Bookkeeper for You

Okay, you are ready to outsource your bookkeeping needs, but you have questions. How many duties should they be doing? How much will it cost to outsource bookkeeping? Do you really need a bookkeeping service, or can you just pay for a software program? This article will assist you in figuring out what your business […]


Steps to Eliminate your Bookkeeping Backlog

As a business owner, you may know that once tax time approaches, it is less stressful if your bookkeeping is caught up. It is easy to let the books fall through the cracks, as doing them is a tedious process. However, once tax season comes around, having your bookkeeping up to date and ready will […]

Female accountant smiles while sitting at computer on glass desk, using a calculator and pen, notebooks on shelves in background.

Yes, You Can Afford White Label Accounting Solutions

If you want to scale your accounting business effectively, you can’t ignore white label accounting solutions. Putting your name and branding on bookkeeping services done by others frees you up to handle clients’ more substantial matters—matters that can earn you more than the necessary but routine balancing of income and expense columns could. Many accountants […]

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