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Determining your business’s profitability

As a small business owner, knowing how much your business is earning is important. Two ways to look at your earnings are by calculating your net income and calculating your operating net income. Net Income is the amount of money your business makes after all expenses, including taxes. This number shows your business’s profitability as […]

The Four Types of Financial Statements

Financial Statements are necessary for every business, big or small, to be successful and thrive. The most common four financial statements that are prepared for a business can give valuable insight into both how the business is performing and what needs to be done to improve. If you are looking to see where costs can […]

Tax Changes for 2021 Could Impact Your Business: 5 Ways to Prepare

This past year, living through COVID-19 has been challenging for everyone. However, being a small business owner, you faced even more challenges fighting to keep your business running with all that COVID-19 entailed. For quite a while, figuring out how to service customers during lockdowns and trying to do your best for your employees while […]

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Bookkeeping For Small Business—Basics You Must Know

As a small business owner, running your business is your biggest priority and passion. You’re doing everything you can to make it succeed. However, something that is just as important to your business’s success—but you might not have a passion for—is bookkeeping. You need correct, up-to-date financial information to understand how your business is performing—to […]

Balance Sheet/Statement of Financial Position

A company’s balance sheet, or statement of financial position, is a financial statement which details the assets, liabilities, and stockholders’/owner’s equity at a specific point in time. Note that other financial statements detail information over periods of time. The balance sheet is used to define a company’s working capital, which is current assets minus current liabilities. The amount of […]

All About Your Income Statement

There are three major financial documents that you should prepare every period for your business and the income statement is one of them. It is important to understand how to read and use your financial statements properly for them to be of any use. After going through this article, you will have a better understanding […]

Cash Flow Statement and Activities

The cash flow statement details the flow of cash in and out of a business. This statement is unique among the financial statements because it records financial information as it occurs, not when revenues are earned yet not received. For example, the balance sheet and income statement both utilize the accrual method of accounting. Revenues are reported on […]

Statement of Stockholders’ Equity

A statement of stockholders’ equity lists any changes made in the stockholders’ equity section of a balance sheet over a period of time and is presented along with an income statement and statement of cash flows for an accounting period. The statement may also detail additional activity related to stockholders’ equity during that period of time, including stock […]

Links between the Balance Sheet and Income Statement

Comparing a company’s balance sheet and income statement assures that the net income listed in the income statement is accurate. When utilizing the double entry method of accounting, the links between the two become clear. Revenues increase net income, while expenses decrease net income. Positive net incomes increase stockholders’/owner’s equity, as reported in the income statement. Negative net incomes […]

Bank Reconciliation

In bank reconciliation, financial statements are reviewed to be certain that all information is accurate, covering amounts spread across accounts. In this process, the balance in a bank statement is compared to the balance listed in a business’s general ledger. If there are any differences between these two amounts, the reason for this must be determined. To reconcile a […]

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