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How Do You Know When You Need A Bookkeeper?

As a small business owner, you don’t take your responsibilities lightly. It’s your company, and you’re involved in every aspect of it. This means you’re probably doing as many jobs as possible to save money and to stay in control—even those tasks you may not have much experience with or time to do.  One specific […]

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Catch-Up Bookkeeping: A Warning For Small Business Owners

It’s tax time, and you’re behind on your bookkeeping. Unfortunately, as a small business owner, it’s on your shoulders to get ready. What are your options?  Some small business owners file their taxes with rough estimates. There are others who hurry to do catch-up bookkeeping on their own—a stressful situation that leaves room for errors […]

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PPP2—Have You Applied For Relief?

During the pandemic, keeping small businesses like yours open has not only been your top concern, but also the concern of financial experts, the government, and your customers.  That’s why the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) was first developed in 2020 and reopened in January of 2021 as “PPP2.” PPP2 provides forgivable loans to help small […]

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Bookkeeping For Small Business—Basics You Must Know

As a small business owner, running your business is your biggest priority and passion. You’re doing everything you can to make it succeed. However, something that is just as important to your business’s success—but you might not have a passion for—is bookkeeping. You need correct, up-to-date financial information to understand how your business is performing—to […]


Rate for Bookkeeping Services

How much should you pay for a bookkeeper?   And how do you find a good one?  A quick look at Craig’s List will show a “million” bookkeepers with rates ranging from $25 to $50 per hour. First of all, you could probably hire an employee for a rate of between $12 and $20 per hour […]

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Tax Worries

It is reasonable to understand why business owners typically hate taxes; it can be a very complicated task. Unfortunately, it is also the reason why too many of them tend to take a reactive approach to taxes rather than a proactive approach. You should be reviewing your tax situation on a semi-annual, if not quarterly […]


Virtual Currency

At a time when technology is rapidly advancing, and many people have access to its power, we are beginning to see innovations on many fronts.  In the past few years, something known as virtual currency has begun to emerge as an option for buying and selling goods and services.  While the idea of invisible money […]


Payroll Processing

At RemoteBooksOnline, we make payroll simple. If your payroll is the same each pay period, simply select the one-click button and you’re done! If you need to adjust payroll each week, just enter your payroll and click approve. Most users complete the entire process within just a couple of minutes. It’s that easy! Direct Deposit […]


After-the-Fact Bookkeeping

Properly tracking and filing every business transaction requires diligence, time, and knowledge of accounting software.  After-the-fact bookkeeping is a service that provides a simple solution to the financially disorganized business owner. At month’s end, all transactions are accounted for and reconciled using bank statements and accounting software.  This is an affordable and less complicated alternative […]


Duties of a Quality On-Line Bookkeeping Service

Duties of an on-line bookkeeping service may include the following: Understanding the business processes and learning the various business transactions Record deposits / customer payments Maintain accurate record of all transactions in the bookkeeping ledger Record journal entries as necessary Prepare monthly bank reconciliation between company ledger & bank account Prepare tax entries / payments […]

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