What is the hourly rate for a bookkeeper in Atlanta?

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The average annual pay for a Bookkeeper in Atlanta ranges from $95 to $399 per month. It can also be calculated according to the requirements of the business owners.

How many hours does a bookkeeper work?

The number of hours a bookkeeper works depends on a couple of factors. If you’re a bookkeeper who works for a bookkeeping company, you are most likely going to work 40 hours a week. There may be an opportunity for overtime, especially during tax season, but it is a standard 40-hour per week job. If you are a freelance bookkeeper, you can typically choose how many hours each week you want to work. It can be 20 hours a week, 60 hours a week, or whatever you decide. It also depends on how many clients you currently have. If you have 10 clients, you will not have as much work to complete each day compared to if you have 30 current clients, so the hours can vary.

Being a bookkeeper means having a strong ability to multitask. You will not usually sit down and work eight hours straight on one specific client’s books. Instead, you will be working on multiple clients’ bookkeeping needs throughout the day. If your clients have a lighter day where they do not have many transactions, you will have less work to do and can either work on a different client’s needs or maybe be done for the day. Freelance bookkeeping tends to be a fairly flexible profession.

How Much Do Freelance Bookkeepers Charge?

Freelance bookkeepers are hired by companies only for the required period and are paid only for that period. This type of bookkeeper is highly cost-effective. They charge $25 per hour.

How Much Do Independent Bookkeepers Charge?

Independent bookkeepers are the sole managers of all the bookkeeping and accounting activities assigned to them. They act as an individual operational body and are not under any firm. They charge from $1500 to $3500.

How much do outsourced bookkeepers charge?

Although outsourced bookkeepers tend to charge less than in-house bookkeepers, the actual amount can vary. Remember, you are not paying for benefits, nor providing a physical space for an outsourced bookkeeper, so this saves some money. On average, a business can expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $2,500 a month to outsource their bookkeeping needs, depending on the number of transactions and accounts, and the intricacy of the transactions.

How Much Do QuickBooks Pro Advisors Charge?

QuickBooks Pro Advisors are considered experts in the field of bookkeeping and accounting as they are certified professionals. They charge on an hourly basis in three variations. Beginner: $15, Intermediate: $19, and Advanced: $30.

How Much Do Remote Bookkeepers Charge?

Under remote bookkeeping services, all the tasks and duties are performed remotely and from anywhere in the world. Remote bookkeepers charge around $90 to $120 per month.

How Much Do Virtual Bookkeepers charge for Bookkeeping?

Virtual bookkeeping is a type of bookkeeping under which all the tasks and activities are done virtually. Virtual bookkeeping services cost around $200 to $400 per month.

How Much Does an Accountant Charge Per Month?

Hiring an accountant for your bookkeeping needs may cost you a little bit more than a bookkeeper. On average, an accountant may charge you around $3000 a month.

How Much Does an Accountant Charge Per Transaction?

Charge per transaction is not the most cost-effective way of pricing in the business of bookkeeping and accounting as it may end up being way too expensive for a few. However, an accountant charges $2 to $3 per transaction.

Is a Bookkeeper Cheaper Than an Accountant?

It depends upon the size and number of transactions for the business. It is important to know whether a bookkeeper or an accountant can fulfill your needs. This primarily depends on the industry and the expertise required. Generally, a bookkeeper is less expensive to employ.

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