Top 7 Advantages Of Accounting With Real Time Service

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Using our Real Time service means that any business transaction will be immediately recorded into QuickBooks or Xero with a turn-around time of exactly 1 business day.

Benefits/Advantages of Real Time Services

  • Transactions entered by the business will be immediately recognized in the books.
  • Users will see the position, performance, and any other financial data in real time.
  • Any requests for changes in the books will be immediately incorporated.
  • Real time balances and aging summaries of creditors and debtors can be determined.
  • Users can establish the amount of taxes owed to their nation’s tax/revenue departments.
  • Information, such as Direct and Indirect Incomes and Expenses, are available in real time.
  • Business owners can make decisions accurately and quickly because information is immediately accessible.

Real Time services with QuickBooks / Xero

The QuickBooks and Xero user interfaces make it easy to record accounting transactions on a day to day basis. For instance, QuickBooks and Xero let users link to their banking institutions online. Therefore, they can pull any business transaction entered from a banking feed platform so that a bookkeeper can categorize that item in real time.

Real Time services with QuickBooks / Xero

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