Top 5 Features Of Outsourced Bookkeeping In 2023

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Small business owners like you wear many hats. You’re not just the owner (and possibly inventor). You’re probably handling sales, human resources, inventory, production, customer service, payroll, and more. Those are a lot of hats to wear in a 40-hour workweek, which is why many small business owners routinely work 60 hour weeks or more.

That’s why, when it comes to bookkeeping—something that’s not a common skill set—it’s a hat that’s easy to put aside, even though you know wearing it is important. The solutions to your dilemma: outsourced bookkeeping or hiring an employee to do it. But, which is the best decision for you?

Five Reasons Why Outsourced Bookkeepers Are A Better Option

Some reasons why outsourced bookkeepers are a better option are fairly obvious, while some you may not have realized. But taken together, all five offer solid reasons why outsourcing your bookkeeping services instead of hiring an employee is the wisest decision you can make for your business.

1. Hiring a Bookkeeper Costs More Than Outsourcing

The average bookkeeper salary of more than $40,000 isn’t really the complete total. Employees generally cost an employer almost one and a half times their salary with payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, workers compensation and disability, sick days, health insurance, and vacation time included.

Outsourcing with a company like Remote Books Online is more economical and offers additional features. We offer services as low as $95 a month by certified QuickBooks Pro and Xero-Certified Advisors and your own dedicated lead accountant. Our affordable monthly rates also include the accounting software subscription fee and automated, secure, monthly bank statement downloads.

2. Hiring a Bookkeeper and Having One on Staff Takes More Time Than Outsourcing

You have to train your new employee and may have to spend time overseeing the work. At Remote Books Online, you won’t have any downtime. Small business bookkeeping is what we specialize in, and all of our accounting leads have four-year accounting degrees. We get right to work on your books.

3. Hiring a Bookkeeper Can Be Tough if You Have Seasonal Cash Flows or Need to Scale Back

Some small businesses, such as landscaping companies, may experience flush times and lean times throughout the year. Keeping employees during the lean times can be challenging. Our affordable outsourced bookkeeping services remove that burden. Plus, there is always the option to scale back services without having to worry about an employee’s livelihood.

On the other hand, when opportunities arise to grow the business, you can easily and economically scale up your services.

4. Hiring a Bookkeeper Doesn’t Always Give You Access to the Best Tools or Newest Requirements

You’ll still need to keep on top of the latest financial requirements and regulations and look for your own technology solutions. We do all of that for you at Remote Books Online, so you don’t have to worry about it.

5. Hiring a Bookkeeper Doesn’t Let You Try Out the Skills and Services For Free First

With something as important as your business’s books, we think it’s important that you trust what you’re getting and understand how the entire experience works. When you sign up for a quote, we will reconcile one month’s worth of books for you for free. It’s our way of letting you try us out, and will help reassure you that you made the right decision to contact us.

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