QuickBooks Online Application: Access Simplified

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Did you know there is an Android, iPad, and iPhone app for your QuickBooks Online account?  RemoteBooksOnline still handles the ins and outs of bookkeeping so you don’t have to.  But if you ever need to check on your books while you’re in the trenches of the small business world, you have the information in the palm of your hand!  These days, technology drives most aspects of business because it improves efficiency and productivity.  The accounting side of your business should be taking advantage of these advancements as well.

The QuickBooks Online app is designed as a companion to your QuickBooks Online account and will give you an overview of your accounts and allow you to perform some basic functions while on-the-go.  You can view bank account balances, check inventory, and create and send invoices and receipts.  The iPad version allows you to use its camera function to take pictures of receipts.  You can also use pictures to make notes about a customer’s account.  This app will make going paperless easy!

Like all apps, it is constantly being updated and upgraded (most recently, June 23).  In March, a function was added to allow customers to pay invoices by credit card and bank transfer/ACH.  So, you can expect new features to always be on the horizon.  Best of all, it’s free with your QuickBooks Online subscription.

Get Your First Month of Bookkeeping for FREE!