Bookkeeping Services Pricing For 2023

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How much should you pay for a bookkeeper?   And how do you find a good one?  A quick look at Craig’s List will show a “million” bookkeepers with rates ranging from $25 to $50 per hour.

First of all, you could probably hire an employee for a rate of between $12 and $20 per hour for basic bookkeeping services.  This is less; however, the other costs of an employee need to be factored into this rate also such as basic employer payroll taxes.  In addition, your company may offer benefits that need to be added to the base cost of hiring an employee.  Employees take time off, some of which you pay for; they need to be trained and you need to be available to deal with whatever comes up in their lives (personnel and personal issues).  If the employee quits, then the process starts all over.  It can be a never ending cycle which is all time consuming.  Isn’t your time worth more to your business than $12, $20, or even $35 per hour?

Remote Books On-Line has some of the most competitive rates available in the bookkeeping industry starting at $65 per month.   Our company takes on the additional employee costs so that all you see is your work being completed in a timely manner.   You don’t have to worry about personal issues or employee turnover.   Check out what Remote Books Online has to offer and contact us with your bookkeeping needs.

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