Bookkeepers Charge Per Month

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Bookkeepers charge different amounts depending on their experience and the services you require. On average, paying a by-the-hour bookkeeper can cost anywhere from $500 a month up to $2,500 a month. If your business needs day-to-day bookkeeping, along with tracking and sending invoices, payroll tracking, and any other services, you will be paying more per month than a business with simpler needs.

It also depends heavily on the number of accounts and transactions your business sees monthly and how complex those transactions are. The more complicated your needs are and the more transactions your business encounters, the more it will cost you every month.

Keep in mind, there are bookkeepers and bookkeeping firms that will charge you a flat monthly fee, and depending on your needs, that may be more fiscally suitable for you and your business. It is extremely important for you to understand what your business needs when it comes to bookkeeping tasks so you can best select the right option for you. Paying a freelance bookkeeper an hourly wage may turn out to be costing you way more than if you went with a bookkeeping service that charges a flat rate. It is important to do your research before outsourcing any task.

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