After-the-Fact Bookkeeping For Small Businesses 2023

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In an ideal world, you’d be able to keep your books balanced “as you go.”

You’d make sure your ledger reflected every expense incurred, every invoice paid, and every deposit to the bank the moment it happened.

But you know the world of the small business owner is usually far from ideal! Who has the time for real time ledger balancing and number crunching?

That’s why after-the-fact bookkeeping is one of the most popular bookkeeping services Remote Books Online offers. It’s a perfect fit for small businesses like yours.

What exactly does an “after-the-fact” bookkeeper do?

Also known as “catch-up bookkeeping,” after-the-fact bookkeeping is exactly what it sounds like.

When financial statements arrive at the end of each accounting period, the bookkeeper uses them to verify and reconcile the income and expense details in a business’s books.

Checks written, withdrawals made, credit cards charged, deposits deposited—they’re all double-checked and, if need be, recorded to yield an accurate picture of the company’s financial health and activity.

This catch up could occur weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even annually (although you’re naturally better off not waiting until tax time each year to get your books in order, for all sorts of reasons).

Remote Books Online Provides Expert After-the-Fact Accounting

If, like so many small business owners, you lack the accounting knowledge and confidence needed to compile your day-to-day financial transactions for informed decisions today and future reference—not to mention tax filings—tomorrow, let the experts at Remote Books Online handle your after-the-fact bookkeeping for you.

Our team of qualified and experienced bookkeepers will get your financials up to date in short order—and can then keep them in order through our regular services.

To get started using Remote Books Online as your after-the-fact bookkeeping solution, call us at 1-800-583-0148 or email

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