Duties Of A Quality On-Line Bookkeeping Service

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Duties of an on-line bookkeeping service may include the following:

  • Understanding the business processes and learning the various business transactions
  • Record deposits / customer payments
  • Maintain accurate record of all transactions in the bookkeeping ledger
  • Record journal entries as necessary
  • Prepare monthly bank reconciliation between company ledger & bank account
  • Prepare tax entries / payments / documents

When you seek help of an online bookkeeping service, you need to make sure that he/she understands all the above requirements that are specific to your business. Your bookkeeping service should be proficient to perform these tasks with minimum supervision.  Pricing is also an important aspect for any service. You will want to research the on-line bookkeeping services available and their standard bookkeeping rates to find one that best meets your company‚Äôs needs.

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