Top Features Of Payroll Processing

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At RemoteBooksOnline, we make payroll simple. If your payroll is the same each pay period, simply select the one-click button and you’re done! If you need to adjust payroll each week, just enter your payroll and click approve. Most users complete the entire process within just a couple of minutes. It’s that easy!

Direct Deposit and Checks

With RemoteBooksOnline payroll, you’ll never have to wait for a third party service to deliver payroll checks. You’re in complete control of your payroll delivery. You get direct deposit at no additional cost. You can also print checks yourself whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you.

Tax Deposits and Filings

RemoteBooksOnline payroll will never add to your to-do list. We take care of all of your payroll details, including calculating and depositing your federal, state, and local payroll taxes so you won’t have to worry about keeping track of strict IRS deadlines. When payroll returns are due, we file them with the appropriate agency—guaranteed! You can count on timely, accurate deposits and filings that will keep you penalty-free.

Customer Assistance

With RemoteBooksOnline payroll, you don’t have to be passionate about your payroll—because we are! We go beyond our online payroll service to provide customer care your way. You have access to a team of payroll experts available to answer your questions and provide live US-based phone support 6 days a week, Monday-Saturday. You can also get help via email or through our online help center available 24 hours a day.

As our customer care team likes to say, “We’ve got your back!”

Employee Self-Service

RemoteBooksOnline payroll automatically generates the payroll reports you need, making it easy for you and your accountant, and saving you time and money in the process.

At any time, you can access reports such as payroll summaries, annual reports, quarterly reports, and more. You’ll be able to view your federal, state, and local tax deposits and filings, all of which RemoteBooksOnline payroll has completed for you. RemoteBooksOnline payroll is designed to integrate with many common accounting packages, including QuickBooks. Reports can also be exported directly into Microsoft Excel.

On-Demand Reports

To increase employee satisfaction and reduce the time you’ll spend administering payroll, RemoteBooksOnline payroll provides employees with direct access to their personal payroll data. Neither you nor your employees have to be in the office on payday. Employees receiving direct deposit receive email notifications when they’ve been paid. Now that’s a welcome email every single time!

Time Clock Integration

Save time and reduce data entry errors with our time clock integration, which easily integrates your payroll and existing time clock system. Easily manage your employees’ payroll hours, including regular time, overtime, and benefits. Our simple one-time setup enables quick integration anytime, anywhere. Prevent payroll data errors, increasing peace of mind for both you and your employees.

Our online payroll system is compatible with most time clock systems.

Compliance and HR Resources

We make it easy for you to stay compliant with federal and state labor laws with our free compliance poster service. As long as your posters are displayed properly, we will guarantee your potential compliance fines up to $25,000.

You’ll also save time using our host of standard forms to help you complete common HR tasks, including administering leave and time off, recruiting and hiring employees, and more. We have automated systems to pre-populate many forms to save you time. It’s all part of making your business easier to manage!

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