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Independent and freelance bookkeepers can choose what they charge their clients for their services. When deciding how much you should charge, there are a few considerations you should keep in mind. If you are just starting out in the profession, you may want to consider becoming certified in both bookkeeping and in the specific software you plan on utilizing. When you do not have much experience, it will be harder to gain clients, so your rate will most likely be on the lower end of the spectrum. Having certifications to illustrate your seriousness can help you with attaining clients. With experience and knowledge, you can charge more per hour or per service.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, on average in the United States, a bookkeeper makes about $22 per hour. Keep in mind, that is just an average. A bookkeeper in a high cost of living area, with numerous certifications and vast experience, who is in demand, can easily charge $50 per hour or more. A bookkeeper just starting out will probably start closer to $15 per hour. While deciding how much you are going to charge for bookkeeping, include your experience and your bookkeeping knowledge in mind to be able to best attract clients.

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