Thank you!

Thank you for visiting our site and reaching out to us. We will be contacting you soon to continue the conversation. My name is Tim McDonald, my business partner and I are Co-owners of Remote Books Online. I wanted to be the first to welcome you to our firm.

We have put together an extreme value proposition in bookkeeping for your company. The following outlines what you should expect:

Quality - is certainly Job 1 at RBO – All of our bookkeepers have a college degree and are QuickBooks Pro Certified for Online (there are two levels – all have both certifications). The accountant that you will interact with will also have a 4 year college degree with many years of accounting experience, QuickBooks Pro Certified – and possibly a CPA. Your accountant works in our Knoxville, Tennessee office (Home of the University of Tennessee – Go Vols! - sorry, my alma mater).

Security – We store the information you send us on Citrix Share File ( - One of the most trusted storage providers with over 50,000 corporate users and 17 million users globally. And we use QuickBooks Online as the accounting software provider as they are the biggest in the industry. (Both of these services are provided at no additional charge to you).

Technology – We have just recently rolled out our Phone App for Android (Apple is in the process of approval and should be in the app store next week). This App (which is included at no additional charge) will allow you:

  1. To see if we need anything from you (Statements or Questions)
  2. Allow you to upload the Statements or answer the questions
  3. See where we are with your bookkeeping
  4. Access your P&L statement for whatever months you want
  5. Take a snap shot of receipts (like cash receipts) and upload them to be entered into your bookkeeping
  6. See all your statements and receipts in organized files (Citrix Share Files)
  7. Schedule a meeting with your accountant (via GoToMeeting)
  8. And of course Call or email us.

Service – We have a security team which provides an optional service of logging onto your bank monthly and downloading your statements to process the bookkeeping (this service is provided at no additional charge). Our bookkeeping team prides itself in fast turnaround time. Our normal turnaround time is 10 business days for our monthly bookkeeping (this is at no additional charge). Although we do offer Real-Time Monthly Bookkeeping for an additional fee. If you are currently behind in bookkeeping you will be very pleased with the normal turnaround time to catch you up. If you have a short deadline to get caught up - we will guarantee to catch you up in 5 business days or we will catch you up for free (This higher level of service and guarantee is at an additional fee - ask the onboarding accountant for additional information).

Reasonably Priced – We are not trying to be the cheapest guy on the block – but I am trying to put together the highest value proposition in the marketplace for bookkeeping. I think if you compare what we provide versus any other local, regional or national firm (like ours) – you will not find a higher value proposition.

Soon our sales team will be contacting you and they will have a few questions before they can give you a fixed price quote.

  1. How many accounts do we have to reconcile each month (checking, credit card, pay pal, etc.)?
  2. If you are behind - how many months are you behind?
  3. Would you like us to do your payroll? If so, how many employees?
  4. The Onboarding Accountant can discuss additional services.

I trust you will give us the opportunity to win your business. We will process one month of bookkeeping at no charge (there is a one-time refundable set-up fee) and you will be able to download our phone app, talk to our Onboarding Accountant, and ultimately your monthly accountant. It is my goal that you will be our customer for a very long time – and to do that I know we will have to win your business every day, every month, and every year.

Thank you again for the opportunity to work with you and your team. We look forward to continuing the conversation.

Tim McDonald