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  • We quickly and easily help you get your books up-to-date and ready for taxes, loans, or other transactions, for a clear picture of your business’s financial situation
  • Our convenient, online bookkeeping services start as low as $95 a month and are provided by Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors and Xero-Certified Advisors
  • We include accounting software and automated and secure encrypted monthly bank statement downloads
  • We have your needs covered with back bookkeeping, real-time bookkeeping, payroll, and full- or part-time bookkeepers, so you can get back to doing what you do best
  • We'll reconcile one month of your books for free, so you’ll see exactly how we remove your bookkeeping stress and frustration

Real Estate Financial Requirements You Must Know

From selling homes to investing in various types of properties—or both—you will find there are specific challenges for your finances that must be addressed in your business’s bookkeeping.

Two critical concepts in the real estate industry are “leverage” and “the velocity of money.” Real estate offers exceptional opportunities to accumulate wealth because there is so much low-cost financing available to leverage for real estate investors. As for the velocity, it’s possible to keep your money constantly moving and growing through real estate investment.

The other key benefit to real estate investments is the tax benefits. To be on top of tax benefits, real estate professionals need to make bookkeeping and access to financial information a top priority. You need to know precisely where you are today in order to make the right decisions, moves, or investments for tomorrow. And, it’s essential that you regard your commission income and expenses as a serious business and a true entrepreneurial enterprise.

The real excitement of real estate investment is one of personal wealth and your control of financial growth. Setting up the correct type of entity is important. Proper bookkeeping, maximizing your tax deductions, and other financial information will need to be evaluated frequently—often weekly—to safely keep and grow your wealth.

Experts Offer Tips on How to Stay on Top of Your Finances:

  • Keep proper corporate or business records. Hold necessary strategic meetings at least once per month with your personal advisors or team members.
  • Keep bookkeeping tasks up-to-date to always know where you are today, so that you can make the right decisions at the right time.
  • Review your financial picture and determine if you're meeting your goals, how far you have to go to reach those goals, and what it will take to get there.
  • Maximize your tax deductions in order to keep more of the velocity of money growing.

Some of the common mistakes realtors make:


Lack of system or structure with no paper trail, invoices, or receipts.

Lack of Focus on Profit and Loss( P&L)

After compiling your tax and business financials, the accountant explains the P&L and balance sheet, (which is when shocking surprises often happen.) You should ask your bookkeeper to deliver this information monthly to give you more time to address issues. If he or she can’t, ask why.

Unrealistic Time Frames

Expecting books to be completed in an unrealistic time frame is a common issue. This could be because you don’t understand what the bookkeeper does and how long it really takes, or perhaps because someone is pressuring the bookkeeper to use less time to save money. Too often bookkeeping is only seen as a cost center, with little value placed on the results—when the results could play havoc with your financial success.


Real Estate Tax Planning, Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Remote Books Online offers you the luxury of focusing on your real estate business while your books are looked after in the timely manner you need for best financial results.

With our flat, affordable monthly rates as low as $95/Month, you are connected with a team of experienced certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors to help you get your books on track. You’ll also have a dedicated, certified lead accountant (with a four-year accounting degree and often more credentials) to answer all of your questions. And, you can expect same-day answers.

You’ll get online bookkeeping services to assist with:

  • Real estate accounting, bookkeeping, and tax planning.
  • Real estate tax services for business, individual, and multi-state, etc.
  • 1031 exchanges of “like-kind” investment property.
  • Real estate budgeting and cash flow projections.
  • Real estate business entity structuring.
  • Real estate tax deferral transactions.
  • Passive activity deductions.
  • Real estate accounting software. (QuickBooks for Real Estate and Xero)
  • QuickBooks Online Payroll.

We offer assistance in the following practice areas:

  • Bookkeeping for real estate developers, investors, operators, brokers, and agents.
  • Bookkeeping and accounting for commercial and residential real estate.
  • Bookkeeping for homeowners associations.
  • Bookkeeping and accounting for construction and home builders.
  • Bookkeeping for architects, engineering, and surveying firms.
  • Bookkeeping Real estate lawyers
  • Bookkeeping and accounting for insurance providers for commercial and residential properties.

Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services:

What does it do for you?

As a real estate agent, you are more efficient in making business decisions when you have access to your P&L and financial statements such as accounts receivable (AR) and accounts payable (AP). Our certified QuickBooks Pro advisors will make sure you have this information in the palm of your hand when you need it and are kept up-to-date in real-time.

Bookkeeping is tedious work that takes you away from other critical responsibilities, but it provides financial information critical for your success. When you let us handle it, you can focus on what’s really important.

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Now that bookkeeping is off your mind, what will you focus on next? Listing more properties? Investing in real estate for rental or flipping? Bringing on more agents? With Remote Books Online on your side, you can start planning instead of keeping books.

  • Say goodbye to late nights of data entry and other tedious and frustrating bookkeeping work.
  • Stop wasting time and money training employees on bookkeeping.
  • Relax knowing your books are always current and accurate.
  • Focus on your real estate career instead.


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