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  • We'll reconcile one month of your books for free, so you’ll see exactly how we remove your bookkeeping stress and frustration

Best Accounting and Bookkeeping Software for Nonprofit Organization

We support you with QuickBooks and Xero accounting and small business bookkeeping software programs

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Quickbooks is the accounting software package developed by Intuit and geared towards small and medium-sized businesses.

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Xero is a cloud-based accounting software platform for small and medium-sized businesses.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations

Accounting and bookkeeping solutions are important for the health of any business, including nonprofit organizations. Proper bookkeeping and accounting help save time and money, but also help you stay compliant, so you do not lose your nonprofit status.

A nonprofit organization has a lot of responsibilities to fulfill, which should include managing the finances, accounting records, and bookkeeping. In order to ensure that these tasks are done properly there are accounting and bookkeeping solutions available for the organization. These solutions can be in the form of software or a service provider who will take care of this aspect of the organization.

Online Bookkeeping Services for your Nonprofit Organization

Online bookkeeping services are a cost-effective way for nonprofit organizations to manage their finances. The best part is that you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.

Nonprofit organizations often need to spend money on accounting and bookkeeping services, as they may not have the time or resources to do it themselves. Online bookkeeping services can help them save time and money by handling everything for them including payroll processing, tax preparation, and financial reporting.

Accountants for Nonprofit Organizations

Accountants are the professionals who keep track of money, income, and expenses. They provide financial reports to the organization's board of directors, management team, and donors.

Accounting is an important part of running a nonprofit organization. Nonprofits are required to file annual reports with the IRS that include financial information about their organization.

Nonprofits must also maintain an accounting system that records all transactions to prepare accurate financial statements.

Bookkeepers for Nonprofit Organizations

Bookkeeping is an important function of running a nonprofit organization. Bookkeepers process financial transactions, maintain records, and prepare all necessary reports for the organization. They are responsible for balancing accounts and making sure that the organization doesn't overspend.

A nonprofit has to spend the money they have carefully. It is important to find a bookkeeper who is affordable and has specific knowledge of nonprofits.

White Label Bookkeeping Services for your Nonprofit Organization

Many nonprofit organizations are not equipped to take on the bookkeeping tasks that come with running a business. These tasks can be overwhelming and time consuming, which is why many nonprofits turn to white label bookkeeping services.

White label bookkeeping services offer a range of benefits to nonprofit organizations, including:

  • Tax preparation
  • Payroll processing
  • Financial reporting
  • Cash flow management
  • General ledger management

The bookkeeping process for your nonprofit organization

There are many different ways to do bookkeeping for a nonprofit organization.

The four most common ways are:

  • Do it yourself with a software program
  • Hire a professional bookkeeper
  • Hire an accounting firm or CPA
  • Outsource to a company that specializes in nonprofit accounting

What are the benefits of bookkeeping services for nonprofit organizations?

A nonprofit organization is a company, group, or association that is organized and operated for collective or public benefit, rather than operating for profit. It is usually exempt from income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The benefits of bookkeeping services for nonprofit organizations are as follows:

  • Helps to ensure compliance with government regulations
  • Helps to maintain an accurate record of financial transactions
  • Prepares financial statements

What are the advantages of using bookkeeping services for your nonprofit organization?

Bookkeeping services for nonprofit organizations are a huge benefit to the organization as they can help them manage their finances efficiently.

Some of the advantages of bookkeeping services for nonprofit organizations include:

  • Helping nonprofits stay compliant with federal and state laws and regulations governing charitable fundraising and financial reporting.
  • Providing nonprofits with accurate, timely information about their finances so that they can make better, more informed decisions about their operations.
  • Helping nonprofits identify opportunities to save money and improve efficiency.

What are the disadvantages of using bookkeeping services for your nonprofit organization?

The main disadvantage of using bookkeeping services for a nonprofit organization is the cost. As the owner of a nonprofit, you have to weigh the cost of a bookkeeping service against the fact that having up-to-date and accurate records is essential for your business.

Another disadvantage is that it may be difficult to find a bookkeeper with the necessary knowledge about nonprofit businesses. Asking fellow nonprofit businesses and looking at reviews online can help you find the right bookkeeper for your business.

Financial Responsibilities for Nonprofit Agencies

As a nonprofit agency director, you require monthly budget assessments to track and manage your nonprofit's finances and evaluate your priorities.

  • Ensure that you have revenues to take care of expenses, evaluate what happened the previous month and what the impact will be on future months.
  • Adjust future planned actions based on your actual results to date.
  • Analyze every line item and find ways to cut costs.
  • Seize funding opportunities to sustain and expand your organization's existing programs while adding new ones.
    • Search your local newspaper for new businesses in your area that may support your cause. Find out what their areas of interest are and talk to them about working together.
    • Look for ways to collaborate with other nonprofits in your community. Form partnerships with larger nonprofits for fundraising activities.
  • Set up daily priorities. Knowing what you need to accomplish each day allows you to take care of the most pressing matters.
  • Maintain a clear vision and keep your eyes on the prize with strategic goal setting.

How can you handle these priorities along with the rest of your responsibilities?

Your nonprofit’s tax-exempt status makes you different from for-tax businesses, as does reporting to a board or members rather than shareholders. You need a professional accounting staff that fully understands these differences. You’ll get one when you outsource your bookkeeping to Remote Books Online.


Remote Bookkeeping Services

Remote Books Online lets you focus on your nonprofit while your books are looked after.

Our affordable online bookkeeping services start as low as $95/Month to help you get your books ontrack with:

  • A team of experienced Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors
  • A dedicated, certified lead accountant (with a four-year accounting degree and often more credentials) as your personal contact
  • Same-day answers to answer all of your questions

We offer assistance with nonprofit bookkeeping, payroll, and part-time controllership services along with:

  • Accounting and audit assurance services to support the development of financial statements for a not-for-profit business
  • Specialized reporting on corporate governance matters including internal control and system reviews
  • Specialized reporting on compliance with business agreements and regulatory requirements
  • Not for profit bookkeeping, payroll, and part-time controllership services
  • Business Advisory Services for Non-Profits
  • Business structuring, strategic planning, and assistance with the development of not-for-profit business plans and financial forecasts
  • Development and implementation of operational and reporting systems to improve the efficiency of not-for-profit business operations and increase financial performance
  • Assistance with the development of financing proposals
  • Nonprofit auditing
  • Budget/cost and business analysis
  • Systems review (to improve reporting and monitoring)
  • Fraud training & investigation
  • Internal audit functions
  • Consulting

Outsourcing Bookkeeping Services for Nonprofit Organization

What does it do for you?

As a nonprofit director, you are more efficient in making business decisions when you have access to your P&L and financial statements (AR’s and AP’s) in real-time. Our certified QuickBooks Pro advisors will make sure you have this information in the palm of your hand and are kept up-to-date in real-time.

Bookkeeping is tedious work that takes you away from other critical responsibilities. When you let us handle it, you can focus on what’s really important.

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Bookkeeping checked off your list

Now that bookkeeping is off your mind, what will you focus on next? You have a business to run! New activities? Volunteer recruitment? Fundraising or new donors? With Remote Books Online on your side, you can start planning.

  • Say goodbye to late nights of data entry and other tedious and frustrating bookkeeping work.
  • Stop wasting time and money training employees on bookkeeping.
  • Relax knowing your books are always current and accurate.
  • Focus on running your nonprofit instead.


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