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Bonds Payable

Bonds payable are a type of long term debt issued by businesses and governments for immediate cash needs. Unlike stocks, bonds have a fixed maturity date at some point in the future, with interest paid out on a frequent basis as per a formalized agreement. For businesses, issuing bonds is considered advantageous over stock because […]

Accounts Receivable

Accounts receivable is a payment claim held by a company against a customer for either goods or services supplied. Many purchases today are made on credit, where actual payment comes at a later date. Payment information is delivered to the customer by way of invoice, which specifies the date limit by which the payment should […]

Accounts Payable

Accounts payable details liabilities which are owed by a business to a supplier for products or services rendered but not yet paid for. Accounts payable deals in credit balances received in the form of invoices, purchase orders, receiving reports, and vendors’ bills, among others. Using the accrual method of accounting, liabilities are reported when goods […]

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