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Cash Basis Accounting vs Accrual Basis Accounting

In the world of accounting, there are two methods of recording income and expenses.  The best method for your business will be determined by your business’s size, structure, and tax filing intentions.  Smaller companies are typically on a cash basis because it tracks actual dollars coming in and going out.  Accrual basis tracks money when […]

Fixed Costs vs Variable Costs

In your company’s budget, all costs can be broken down in to two categories known as fixed costs and variable costs.  Knowing the difference can help you determine whether or not your outgoing expenses accurately translate into actual growth.  For instance, if your variable costs and your profit lines are askew, it may be worth […]

Importance of Keeping Your Books Up-To-Date

Planning Ahead If you have constant access to accurate financial records, you’ll be able to plan for hiring new team members, replacing that worn-out piece of equipment, and adding additional locations. All of those large expenses can be planned for months in advance if you know exactly where you stand today. Unfortunately, your current market […]

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